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Posted on 25th, January 2017

Hidden benefits of earning a CPA license

Recent advancements in technology and commerce have propelled the business world into a challenging race that only few are able to win. Whether you are a novice in finance and banking or a professional looking to hone your skills for a better career growth, CPA is one of those qualifications that can help you win the race. No matter what part of the world you want to pursue your career, having a professional license like CPA can increase your chances of earning a better living. In addition, it ensures career longevity that many few other professions offer. Here are the 5 major benefits of earning a CPA license that you must know.
  1. Substantial knowledge accumulation: CPA courses in Dubai, or anywhere for that matter, are more than just a license to a good job. When you choose to make the decision of getting a CPA license, you allow yourself to expose to ample knowledge reserves that would not only polish your skills as a finance specialist, but will also gear you up for diverse financial challenges that are impossible to handle otherwise.
  2. Unlimited opportunities: A CPA license does more than just giving you a good opportunity to earn well. People who go on to garner CPA also open themselves for opportunities in various industries. CPA license holders go on to work for movie studios, law firms, hospitals, and both profit and non-profit organizations. You can change industries easily without worrying about the expertise. Financial analysts with CPA credentials can easily climb the career ladder to garner significant roles like chief financial officer, tax advisor, business and management consultant, and auditor.
  3. Increased growth rate: CPA training in Dubai not only helps you get your CPA license, but also give you exposure in the market for a quick job opportunity. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the accounting and finance profession will see up to 16% growth by the year 2020. Research further suggests that the finance sector will experience job augmentation of up to 200,000 additional jobs created until the year 2020. This shows that there is a huge margin of earning big bucks in the finance sector.
  4. Career Security: In the light of the above discussion, it is safe to say that CPA training is a safe door to try when it comes to enriching your career in Finance. With the escalating growth in jobs and salary, CPA offers a career security that no other profession offers. CPA gives you diversified skills that prepare you for myriad roles, including tax advisory services, financial management, financial reporting, and accounting. Imagine being equipped with all of these skills and utilizing them for a strong career.
When it comes to choosing the right career path for your future, it is very important that you understand the long term benefits. A CPA license is more than just a training course that equips you with the essential financial knowledge to help you excel in all fields of finance. Make a decision for your better future and live a lifestyle of your dreams.