UAE is land of dreams welcomes scores of people each year from across the globe. With dreams of a better future, 120 different nationalities co-exist here and work in tandem to achieve a better living standard. With the different backgrounds comes a distinct experience and understanding. Education and skills up gradation becomes a tool that allows a person to keep up in this competitive environment. The National Academy with its motto of Better Education and Better Lives works in tandem with students to open up wider vistas for their career growth. Whether it is a technical course for those aspiring for a dynamic profession in specific discipline or a language or soft skill enhancement module; we work closely with specialist and reputed institutions to develop content that effortlessly reaches out to all levels of learners. Our personalized approach allows the student maximum and comprehensive learning. We understand that continuing education is a choice that many of us have to make with a lot of careful thought. This becomes even more relevant here as a vast majority of the residents support not just their work demands but also the requirements of their families back home, in addition to fending for themselves. We constantly aim to work with you as a partner in fulfilling your goals by providing you quality education in the shortest possible time in a cost-effective manner.

Vision :

To assist in continuous development through ongoing skills enhancement of existing or aspiring professionals

Mission :

We aim to provide quality short term and long term educational programs certified from world class and globally recognized institutions in the field of management, personality development and languages
Our Strength :
Our dedicated and experienced faculty members and trainers are the foundation for our success. Our faculty team is comprised of permanent teachers, visiting faculty members, educational experts, and consultants from different industries. Our strong team of administrative professionals coordinates all activities in a sensitive and professional manner. It works continually to enhance your learning process and make it a rewarding experience. Our global associations and affiliations allow us to bring internationally ratified course content and faculty which has been handpicked by these institutes to match their standards. Our keen understanding of the industry trends allows us to design bespoke educational and training solutions for a host of large, medium and small sized organizations.

Our Guiding Principles

Personalized approachWe realize that education is a matter of personal choice. A good course delivered with a personal touch increases the learning experience manifold. Our faculty is adept at working closely with students to ensure that the individualized attention is maintained constantly.
FacilitationThe team believes that once a student has enrolled at the Academy, it becomes an intrinsic part of the person’s growth trajectory. We offer continuous ongoing support whether it is related to the course undertaken or it is an advice on career enhancement.
Student orientationWe respect the needs of our students. We appreciate that the selection of the course and the National Academy is done after careful and thorough research and thinking. It is our aim to constantly upgrade the courses and materials such that the students’ educational needs are met at all levels.

Advantage National Academy:

  • Satisfaction guaranteedAll our courses have been consistently ranked an average of 9.2 out of 10 by the outgoing students. They have welcomed the ease of learning and quality of the content and faculty.
  • Personalized content All materials have been developed to meet the specific needs of the individual professional verticals. Should you want further personalization to meet your needs; our faculty will work closely to address your precise requirements.
  • Easy access to global contentOur affiliations allow us to bring easy access to global content to make your learning process strong and worthwhile
  • Ongoing supportognize that learning is a continuous process. Our faculty members are happy to work closely with the students while they apply all that they have learned in the course to their real life working environment.
  • FlexibilityOur expertise allows us to design and deliver courses for the multi-national company as well as small and medium sized businesses. We understand the needs of the business environment and work with organizations closely to strengthen the skills of their workforce. Each of these courses has a measurable outcome, thus ensuring that you get maximum return on investment.