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CMA Classes in Dubai

Certified Management Accountant classes are designed to give professionals a title that allows them to stand out among other managers. For CMA IMA Dubai professionals choose National Academy. We are proud to offer to have a complete CMA course in Dubai that helps our students stand out in the tough modern economic climate.

When you look at your options for a CMA IMA Dubai based National Academy has a complete course design that ensures that you end up with the skillsets you need to successfully pass your examination. This test is designed to determine if you have the skills, knowledge and competence to showcase the skills that a traditional certified management accountant has.

Your test will be based on a series of questions that will cover the scope of everything you learn in your class. By the time you have successfully completed the CMA course in Dubai, you’ll be prepared to take the test and pass it. You’ll then be able to announce you have a certification that companies around the globe are looking for from their employees.  
Because of the significance of the program and the subject matter that is covered, the program is limited to those who have a certain level of knowledge and understanding. You must have a baccalaureate degree from a college or university that has been accredited, or a CPA certificate or hold a foreign equivalent to the CMA.

With this, you need to a member of the Institute of Management Accountants, currently be employer or intend on being employed as a management accountant or in financial management and have two references on hand.
All of this will give you the chance to obtain your CMA certification through our CMA classes. As the leaders for CMA training in Dubai, you can count on National Academy to provide you with all the tools you need to be successful.

The Certified Management Accountant (CMA®) credential is the Professional designation for management accountants and financial Managers The Certificate provides distinction in today’s Economic climate and is an opportunity to certify your expertise in business areas that are critical to the decision-making process.
The CMA® program has four objectives:

  • To establish management accounting as a recognized Profession by identifying the role of the management Accountant and financial manager, the underlying body of Knowledge and course of study by which such knowledge is acquired
  • To encourage higher educational standards in the management accounting field
  • To establish an objective measure of an individual's knowledge and competence in the field of management accounting; and
  • To encourage continued professional development by Management Accountants

The candidate must successfully complete a rigorous examination that serves as an objective measure of that individual's knowledge and competence in the field of management accounting. Moreover, the exam questions are constructed to test an individual's ability to analyze information and communicate the results in a meaningful and understandable manner to aid Management in making decisions

The CMA® Examinations will be given in a computer-based format. The examinations will be 100% objective and will consist of carefully constructed multiple-choice questions along-with, 2 Essay questions for 30 minutes each will test all levels of cognitive skills. The exams will be offered daily (except Sundays and holidays) at an extensive network of Sylvan Technology Centers located throughout the U.S. and internationally.

The Certified Management Accountant Program consists of Two Parts:
Effective from 2015 – Examinations
Part 1: Financial Reporting , Planning, Performance & Control
Part 2: Financial Decision Making

Candidates seeking admission to the CMA® Program must meet one of the following criteria:
  • Hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university (or)
  • Hold a CPA certificate or foreign equivalent – Candidates in USA only
  • Hold the foreign equivalent to the CMA®

In addition, the candidate must:
  • Be or become a member of the Institute of Management Accountants
  • Be employed or expect to be employed in management accounting or financial management
  • Submit the names of two character references.

Things to consider about CMA® Certification Salary
Findings of IMA’s 20th Annual Salary Survey indicate that professionals holding IMA’s CMA® certification have greater earning power – 24% higher in salary and 31% higher in total compensation than their noncertified colleagues.

Competitive Advantage
Businesses around the world rely on CMA®s for accounting finance and information management and most importantly, for the strategic planning and business solutions provided by these qualified professionals.

Personal Satisfaction
Prove your ability to become a strategic business partner, while you also enhance your self-confidence, your sense of accomplishment and your resume.

Professional Recognition
The CMA® designation represents a broad business competency and mastery of the management-level skills required to add value drive business performance, and build quality financial practices within organizations. The program objectively tests and validates Expertise in areas essential to analyzing, managing and evaluating business solutions that contribute to the success of an organization The CMA® credential indicates a commitment to excellence based on a strong, ethical foundation and dedication to lifelong learning.

Part 1 Financial Reporting Planning, Performance and Control
(4 hours – 100 questions and 2 essay questions)

A. External Financial Reporting Decisions (15%) Levels A, B & C
B. Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting (30%) Levels A, B & C
C. Performance Management (20%) Levels A, B & C
D. Cost Management (20%) Levels A, B & C
E. Internal Controls (15%) Levels A, B & C
Training Hours : 70 Hours
Duration – 4 Months
Sessions – Weekends only

Part 2 Financial Decision Making
(4 hours – 100 questions and 2 essay questions)

A. Financial Statement Analysis (25%) Levels A, B & C
B. Corporate Finance (20%) Levels A, B & C
C. Decision Analysis and Risk Management (20%) Levels A, B & C
D. Risk Management (10%) Levels A, B & C
E. Investment Decisions (15%) Levels A, B & C
F. Professional Ethics (10%) Levels A, B & C
Training Hours : 70 Hours
Duration – 4 Months
Sessions – Weekends only

CONTENT SPECIFICATION OUTLINES - Certified Management Accountant (CMA®)

Candidates for the CMA® designation are assumed to have knowledge of the following: Preparation of financial statements, business economics, time-value of money concepts, Statistics and probability Questions in both parts of the CMA exam will assume that the Successful candidate can effectively integrate and synthesize this knowledge with the Specific topics covered in the content specification outline.

Part1-Financial Reporting Planning,Performance and Control
A. External Financial Reporting Decisions
(15% - Levels A, B, and C)

1. Financial Statements
2. Recognition ,Measurement, Valuation & Disclosure
3. GAAP – IFRS Differences

B. Planning , Budgeting & Forecasting (30% - Levels A, B, and C)

1. Strategic Planning
2. Budgeting concepts
3. forecasting Techniques
4. Budget Methodologies
5. Annual Profit Plan & Supporting Schedules
6. Top Level Planning Analysis

AC. Performance Management
(20% - Levels A, B& C)

1. Cost & Variance Measures
2. Responsibility Centers & Reporting Segments
3. Performance Measures

D. Cost Management (20% - Levels A, B, and C)

1. Measurement Concepts
2. Costing Segments
3. Over Head costs
4. Supply chain Management
5. Business Process Improvement

E. Internal Controls (15% - Levels A, B & C)

1. Governance , Risk & Compliance
2. Internal Auditing
3. Systems Controls & Security Measures

Training Details:

70 hours of training covering full contents of Part1
Classes will be held only during weekends –
Duration of Part 1 course is for 4 months

A. Financial Statement Analysis
(25% - Levels A, B, and C)

1. Basic Financial Statement Analysis
2. Financial Performance Metrics – Financial Ratios
3. Profitability analysis
4. Special Issues

B. Corporate Finance
(20% - Levels A, B, and C)

1. Risk and return
2. Long Term financial Management
3. Raising Capital
4. Working Capital Management
5. Corporate Restructuring
6. Corporate restructuring
7. International finance

C. Decision Analysis and Risk Management
(20% - Levels A, B, and C)

1. Cost/volume/profit analysis
2. Marginal analysis
3. Pricing

D. Risk Management
(10% - Levels A, B, and C)

1. Enterprise Risk

E. Investment Decisions
(15% - Levels A, B, and C)

1. Capital Budgeting Process
2. Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
3. Payback & Discounted Payback
4. Risk Analysis in Capital investment

F. Professional Ethics
(10% - Levels A, B, and C)

Ethics may be tested in conjunction with any topic area
1. Ethical Considerations for Management Accounting & Financial Management Professionals
2. Ethical Considerations for the Organization

Training Details:

70 hours of training covering full contents of Part 2
Classes will be held only during weekends –
Duration of Part 2 course is for 4 months

Total cost of the Course : AED 9600 inclusive of GLEIM Study Materials , 5000+ MCQ Software , Essay Writing Questions Kit , Free Repetition of classes until you pass , Additional Support Materials and iPAD 16 GB for Free .

" I enquired with various institutes for CMA course for last three years. I didn’t enroll anywhere as I didn’t have the courage to take up such a demanding course. In Sep ’13, I finally registered with National Academy. What was taught in the class was not easy as it had been many years after my collage days. It was well managed and easy to grasp training, exam preparation tips from our trainers they helped me a lot. Since now that I have passed , I am looking forward to crack part 2 with all the confidence I have gained through my part 1 experience. "

Passed CMA Part 1 ( First Attempt )
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
" I am thankful for the excellent training; I was imparted at National Academy, which helped me to clear the exam in the first attempt. The emphasis that our trainer’s gave for the method of study and the way they encouraged us, gave me a lot of confidence in what I was doing. The study materials given by National Academy added to our resources. I wouldn’t have achieved this in quick time without National Academy. "

Minu Sridhar
Passed CMA Part 1 400/500 (First Attempt)
Accounts Consultant, Vilambil Energy Ltd.
" Very supportive environment, always ready to answer any questions I had. NA & Their Trainers were amazing. Through class discussion and real life example’s was able to help me to better understand and retain the information. I cleared my Part 1 on first attempt and now looking forward to clear my Part 2 at the earliest. "

Khaled Al Sadek
Passed CMA Part 1 (First Attempt)
Junior Accountant, Construction Machinery Center
" Thanks to the Trainers and National Academy, I cleared both Parts of CMA exams in first attempt. National Academy truly has professional and top notch instructors and staff who have provided me with necessary guidance and support in every stage and I feel privileged to be associated with one of the premier institutes in Dubai. "

Sujith Pathiyamveettil
Passed CMA Part 1 & 2 (First Attempt) Assistant Manager, Credit
Al Hail Orix Finance PSC
" Getting a CMA certification was beyond my dream. But later did I realize that I would need to get one in addition to my University diploma for me to be more competitive and in my career advancement. That’s where National Academy comes in. By providing us reliable, excellent and dedicated support group, from the instructor down to its staff who provided us the review materials and equipped us to be more ready for the exam, I could say National Academy is one of the best ‘Review and Training Center’ in this part of the world. The instructor-led classes, sessions and their readily updates were of great help in my exam preparation -- aside from the fact that what I’ve learned in the class will definitely benefit me in my career growth. I’m very glad I have National Academy as my partner in pursuing my CMA certification. Thank you and more power!! "

Kristhine Suazo
Passed CMA Part 1 & 2 (First Attempt)
Sr Finance Analyst | APL Emirates LLC, Dubai, UAE
" Taking classes from National Academy has helped me understand the subject for part 1. Thanks to National Academy I could clear Part I with a high percentage. I would recommend national Academy for any CMA aspiring candidate. "

Passed Part 1