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  • Financial planning and in-depth review of advisory practices
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Certified Management Accountant Course in Dubai


Certified Finance Professional (CFP) Courses in Dubai

Advanced Training in Finance for Non-Financial Professionals/Managers

It’s not just accountancy specialists who deal with spreadsheets, and figures, and the financial side of business. It’s highly likely that, as a line manager or department head, you’re going to have to analyze a spreadsheet at some point, or have some form of financial recording to do as part of your job description. However, if you feel baffled by balance sheets, or confused by cash flow statements, then read on. This training on CFP will take you through the basics of finance for non-financial Professionals / Managers, to help you become familiar with the terminology – and what it all means.

Financial management is a crucial aspect of any thriving business. Profit maximization, or stockholder wealth maximization, are two real concerns for any organization – and they depend on solid financial decisions. To make good decisions, management needs good information. And that information comes from the accounting system. From the accounting system come’s the financial statements. These statements contain important information about the organization’s operating results. This information is important for effective management, and financial control. As a manager, or any other person with financial responsibility, you have to be able to interpret this information yourself. Financial statements contain important information about your company’s operating results and financial position. The relationship between certain items of financial data can be used to identify areas where your firm excels and, more importantly, where there are opportunities for improvement. Using, understanding, and interpreting these statements will help you make much better business decisions.

CMA Courses in Dubai
Module - A Module - B
Introduction to Financial Accounting Recording Business Transactions
Basics of Accounting Recording journal entries for Receipts
Accounting Concepts and Conventions Payments, Sales, Credit Notes, Purchases, Debit Notes
Chart of Accounts, Accounting Principles
Module – C Module – D
MIS (Management information System Reports) Working Capital Management
Financial Statement Analysis Ratio Analysis Cash Management , A/R Management, Inventory Management, A/P Management

Course Schedules:

Intensive course for 3 full days with timings from 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM on Thursday | Friday & Saturday – only Get in touch with our Academics department to know the latest course dates available

Course Fees:

USD 1200 ( Includes 3 full days training , 3 coffee breaks , Course Materials , Additional Materials of self study , Online Examinations and International Certificate on CFP from IFC Canada along with Course completion certificate , both attested by the KHDA – Education Regulatory authority DUBAI – UAE )

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