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Marketing in Fashion and Merchandising Course

This course provides a foundation in fashion marketing strategy within a global context. Students learn marketing terminology and concepts through analysis of target markets, of the global marketplace, of branding communication, and of the development of integrated marketing programs within the fashion industry. Students investigate the theoretical and practical underpinnings of marketing design and learn to build profitable customer relationships. The class examines the process of product planning, pricing, promotion, and distribution, with a focus on global resources, opportunities, and challenges. Students examine the role of marketing in a global business organization, learn the components of a formal marketing plan, and gain a strategic skill set related to marketing management, financial analysis, developing markets, and innovative problem solving.

Fashion Merchandising Course

consists of fundamentals of merchandising: market research, planning and control, product development, promotion, and presentation. Analyze case studies outlining strategies used by manufacturers and retailers. Study the impact of consumer behavior, its relationship to forecasting, and the importance of global merchandising.

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