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Posted on 25th, January 2017

How obtaining a CPA in Dubai can help you have a Career in Accounting

Are you looking to pursue accounting as a career? Do you find it hard to decide what steps would lead you to your dream job in accounting? Pursuing a career in accounting is no longer a walk in the park; labor markets are overflowing with service providers that offer more than one skill set within the realm of finance and accounting to offer organizations and institutions a better option for their hiring needs. In today’s cutthroat competition, you have to have the right mix of skills to land a lucrative job in accounting. Dubai offers aspiring accounting professionals a lot of opportunities, but what exactly will get your there?Before we go any further…Let’s first understand the various bricks that shape up the accounting world. Accountants work in different fields within finance and accounting, both in Private and Public sector. Most commonly, accountants work as:
  • Auditors;
  • Bookkeepers;
  • Accounting controllers;
  • Tax accountants;
  • Forensic accountants;
  • CPA’s
CPA helps you land a well-paid jobA CPA licensed accounting professional handles more than just the everyday financials. CPA’s are equipped to handle everything from financial reports to company taxes and everything in between. So, when we talk about being multi-skilled within finance and accounting, CPA courses in Dubai make a pretty good option, as they train you for the highest paid jobs in both Public and Private sector. A CPA professional looks over the following accounting tasks:
  • Ensure that the company’s financial statements and records are in accordance with the law
  • Examine the company’s financial statements or examine company’s health to devise financial statements
  • Prepare financial reports, including tax returns
  • Inspect and investigate account books for accuracy
  • Make recommendations to the company’s management for enhanced financial management (reduce operation costs and improved revenues)
Why Choose CPA training in Dubai?Over the past decade, the world has witnessed Dubai’s transformation into a commerce hub. When it comes to picking an academic training, Dubai gets the gold star for providing not only the best resources for accounting and finance, but also a huge job market that ensures a bright future in accounting. Dubai is flooded with opportunities for both aspiring and professional accountants who would like to pave a way to their long-lasting career in accounting. Most commonly, in Dubai, CPA certified professional finds a hurdle-less path to be a CFO of a company. However, the possibilities are endless when it comes to deciding your career path after obtaining your CPA certification. The most important thing about garnering CPA, or any other accounting certification for that matter, is to understand your goals and objectives, and validate those goals against your strengths. Before choosing an accounting course, make sure that you tick all the boxes; you must understand how the certification will impact your career, how it will make a difference for you in the long run, and most importantly, how will it help you achieve your goals. There are various accounting certifications that offer specific academic qualification. Not every certification is designed for specific accounting fields; however, they do gear you up for complex financial challenges in business finance.