How to Strengthen your Resume with the Right Accounting Courses

by admin

Posted on 21st, March 2017

Choosing accounting certifications that guarantee career successWhen it comes to choosing the right courses to supplement your career growth, there are a lot of options that can help you achieve unprecedented training. However, not every course is going to fulfill the training requirement that you speak to pursue a certain career path in Dubai. Therefore it is important to consider your options before signing up for a certification. This article highlights accounting courses that can strengthen your resume for a better career reach and growth, and how they should be added into your resume. Before we go any further, here are the most common certifications for finance and accounting in Dubai that allow students to reach their full potential with extensive training.Prominent finance and accounting courses

ACCA – (UK)®
IFRS – (UK)®
CFP – IFC (Canada)®
 What you should and shouldn’t include in your resume When it comes to building your resume for significant reach and exposure there are a lot of elements that play a crucial role. The primary element that contributes the most is the course choices. Course selection is an extensive process that requires you to understand the modules of each and every certification before choosing to pursue one. The courses and certifications that need to be on your resume should resound well with your career goals, which must be clearly stated at the top of the page. You will have a lot of options to choose form when it comes to picking the right course. HR, marketing and CPA courses in Dubai are just some of the certifications that give you the freedom to make a selection based on your career goal. Therefore, choose your certifications wisely and make sure that they are mentioned in your resume.Importance of understanding course specifications Choosing the right certification can be a challenging task, especially if you are not aware of the various modules that make up the whole course. Every accounting and finance course has specific modules that seek to cover various components of the overall course in small chunks. Study the modules of each and every course before signing up for it. If possible, have a mentorship or a consultancy session with the course instructor to understand the extent of academic training provided by each course module. The course instructors will be able to help you guide about how each module offers specific knowledge and academic training to hone your skills in a particular area. Many accredited institutions in Dubai allow access to international renowned and accepted accounting certifications that can play a key role in helping you garner the career growth that you wish to achieve. Talk to your academic counselor or mentor about various certifications and choose the one that best fits your career goal. Your resume represents your qualifications and experience that allow recruiters understand your skill set and most importantly the value of those skills for their company. Therefore, it is crucial that your resume has everything that is required to garner the right job. Follow the above-mentioned guidelines to strengthen your resume for increased chances of finding the right job.