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Certified Management Accountant Course in Dubai


HRM Training and Certification Courses in Dubai

International certification in HRM course covers the dynamic role of Human Resources Management policies and practices in contemporary organizations and their contribution to organizational goals. It defines and critically examines the major philosophies, policies, procedures and practices related to the management of Human Resources.

Overview of HRM Introduction to the nature of HRM; link between business and HR strategy, role of HRM in strategy; scope of planning, analyzing and forecasting needs.
Resource Strategic aspects, analyzing trends and labor markets, flexibility; contracts, consultants, outsourcing.
Recruitment and Selection Vacancies, methods, advertising, evaluation, short listing, selection process, criteria, and methods, and decision-making.
Retention and Contracts Turnover rates, analysis and costing, retention strategies; unfair, constructive, and wrongful dismissal, compensation, retirement.
Strategic and Organizational Performance Influences and processes, high performance, HR policies, initiatives, evaluation; learning organizations, knowledge management and managing knowledge.
Individual and Team Performance Performance management and appraisal, stages, 360 degree feedback; nature of teamwork, team types and effectiveness
Leadership, Motivation, and Managing Absence Leadership traits, styles, and behaviors, situational context, influence of motivation; process and causes of absence, managing attendance.
Development Organizational strategy, labor market, training and development roles; competence(s) and behaviors; nature, methods, and evaluation for learning and development; career development and management.
Employee Relations Trends, individual and collective perspectives; union recognition, law, and consultation; health, safety, and welfare, stress, occupational health.
Equality The legal framework and discrimination; diversity and defined minority groups; Mailgram experiments, discipline and grievance processes and procedures.
Pay and Incentives Reward strategy, employee objectives, approaches and elements, equity; job evaluation structures and methods; incentive schemes and disadvantages; pensions and benefits.
Cross-functional issues International and cultural differences, barriers to communication; ethical issues and dilemmas; work life balance practices and problems; Measuring HR, scorecards.
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