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International Diploma in Business

Cambridge Academy:

Whether you are looking to broaden your understanding of business as a whole or seeking to develop specific workplace skills, this international Diploma in business develops practical ability in a range of business disciplines. As industry becomes more and more competitive the diploma allows you to have your skills assessed and formally accredited and provide you with proof of your level of knowledge and competence.

This Diploma in Suitable for students, working professionals at Junior, Mid Supervisors and Managers

Modules Covered

Core Modules
Business Organization & Environment Effective Business Communications
Optional modules
Human Resources Management Marketing Management Business Finance

To be awarded the International Professional Diploma in Business from Cambridge Academy students will have to study and pass at least two Core Modules and any two optional Modules.

With this Professional Diploma in Business you are expected to build your knowledge by extending your understanding of business in order to comment on different business situations and to offer a range of solutions to problems faced by business. This also involves a more analytical approach to business.

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