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Julius Dionsisio M. Meneses

As one of the growing number of Filipino Accountants in the U.A.E. who have “discovered” the value of an internationally-recognized certification like the CMA to add up to our CPA Certification, I can truly say that NATIONAL ACADEMY is that one BIG IMPORTANT instrument in pushing us to reach that goal. The Academy which has excellent & dedicated professors, with a participatory-approach to the review has afforded us with important knowledge and technical “know-how” especially in the analysis of the most comprehensive and difficult questions . Also, which every accountant will be just as happy to note is that we get an excellent value for what we paid for as the rates are quite reasonable. I am just as glad that the NATIONAL ACADEMY is my partner to success as I am now in full swing on my Part 2 CMA review having just passed the Part 1 on my first try.

Julius Dionsisio M. Meneses (AccountantEtoile Group, Dubai)