These skills will get your hired in UAE

by admin

Posted on 24th, January 2017

In light of this, having more than one competency enables our youth to embrace change and utilise skills acquired through such short-term courses. Today’s world needs multifaceted youth eager to learn and willing to undertake integrated majors. Careers are becoming increasingly multi-disciplinary. People wear multiple hats and straddle multiple responsibilities. Employers are more open to flexible timings as long as deliverables are achieved and targets are met. In light of this, having more than one competency enables our youth to embrace change and utilise skills acquired through such short-term courses. The government’s initiative of permitting young adults to undergo internships is also an excellent step to prepare school students in their career quest. By learning beyond the prescribed school books, not only do students earn points in their university applications by broadening their personal profiles, they actually acquire skills and talents that will help them at university and later on in their careers. The courses they pursue will hold them in good stead in the working world. It will also enable them to make judicious career choices and thereby reduce dropout rates. Students today are willing to explore options and take up careers that are not confined to the tried and tested, such as medicine, engineering or  accounting. Creative careers such as digital media, advertising, fashion design, music, film making and catering are common nowadays among the youth. No doubt some parents are apprehensive when their children opt for such specialisations, as they are conditioned to think that those careers may not ensure a regular salary. Computer programs such as AutoCAD, Google Sketchup (Drawing in 3D) and Python help students to explore computer-related programmes. Those who wish to pursue architecture, digital media or interior design for example, will be able to enhance their spatial orientation and hone their design capability by undertaking such courses. It will also help them develop their design portfolios for admission into prestigious institutions. Apart from this, the new Eon entrepreneurial school offers courses in virtual reality and augmented rea-lity for facilitating product visualisation, game creation, multimedia design, and broadcast media. “The problem solving mentality of Project Based Learning will help students be more innovative in their thinking and lead to students starting their own businesses upon finishing at the EON Entrepreneur School” states their portal. These classes are to be held at Dubai Men’s College and will be free. Another ‘happening’ course is Data Analytics. One does not need to be a Science major to take up this programme. When students invest time, money and effort in courses they are interested in, they learn to balance a demanding academic load with their interests. This enables them to improve their time management skills and they learn to prioritise. Going beyond their comfort zone also exposes them to real world situations, improves their social skills and boosts self-confidence. UAE being a multicultural society, a course in a place like Dubai Community Theatre and Art Centre (Ductac), for example, will enable the student to interact and learn from people of various social and cultural milieu. They learn to be open to different perspectives and such integration develops cultural competencies and prepares them for the increasingly globalised world. The interactions that take place at such venues where like-minded people congregate enhances the student’s exposure and opens up possibilities that were not considered before.